‘Flock and Stock’ – paintings, which illuminate Gavin’s enduring interest in the economic and emotional bonds that exist between, people, animals and the histories of the spaces they share. The words ‘flock’ and ‘stock’ refer to the physical and economic groupings of animals and the spiritual and political collectives of people. Gavin’s paintings suggest that at the boundary these terms become both conflated and contested.

Gavin Watson is a British painter who works in and from the cultural, political and geographic landscape of rural Northumberland – an area that has been romanticised as ‘England’s last wilderness’. His work is in private collections in North America, Europe and the UK.

Migration and displacement are tonal themes in the work, which (dis) places wild and domestic animals against emblems of the English country house, such as flock wallpaper, which itself references the landscape and cultural heritage of the land owners.

As the poet Sean O’Brien said about the Lindisfarne Gospels, ‘England is not all current’ meaning that the past is still physically and emotionally with us in the present.

Gavin is represented by the Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, London